About me

Generally I approach psychotherapy from an interactive, or client-centered perspective. You as the client, are supported in sessions to for you to discover and achieve your path to reach your goals.

I received my graduate education at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) for the master’s of arts in counseling psychology degree. I also earned a certificate in creative expression along with completing the MA degree. (ITP was until a few years ago, a private non-profit  institute for the study of ‘transpersonal’ psychology. It has transformed presently into Sofia University.)

The term ‘transpersonal’ is an holistic approach, meaning generally, ‘beyond the personal,’ of awareness, experiences, or knowledge that is greater than traditional, analytic, reductionist theories of psychotherapy.

I have followed and practiced various meditation disciplines for almost 4 decades. I practice vipassana-meditation (insight meditation) and have for almost 20 years. Mindfulness, attention, or insight training and practice can aid or tune psychotherapy with clients. Having a more finely developed sense of insight can greatly enhance the awareness and intuition.

My personal history of studying various mystical, traditional, and other spiritual thought systems and practices has allowed me to offer a wide multicultural understanding of many folks, along with an strong appreciation of various, and alternative lifestyle approaches.